Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Handmade in California Guaranteed Craftsmanship Since 1969

Sergio Lub and Sonia Lub Adjusting Bracelets

  • See the correct way to try our cuff bracelets on and off.
  • Learn how to adjust them for a perfect fit.

Finding Your Size: S, M, L or X


S - Small
For wrists up to 6" around (up to 2.25" wide).
For women of medium build and lighter.

M- Medium
For wrists 6" to 7" around (2" to 2.5" wide).
For women of medium build and fuller.

L- Large
For wrists 7" to 8" around (2.25" - 2.75" wide).
For men of medium build and lighter.

X- Extra large
For wrists 8" around and up (2.5" wide and up).
For men of medium build and fuller.

Please note: A range of wrists width sizes is given because all our bracelets are adjustable to custom fit the wearer. Thanks to this adjustability, most people can comfortably wear two sizes, making it easier to find a gift for a loved one.

Custom Fitting Your Bracelet

Custom Fitting: The time consuming annealing process is invisible to the eye but we do it to allow each bracelet to be easily adjusted to fit comfortably and have good copper-skin contact. A bracelet needs custom fitting the first time you try it on, to do so please follow these steps:

  1. Apply one end of the bracelet on the soft underside of your wrist, about 2 from your hand.
  2. Roll the other end on. This is the best way to get your cuff bracelets in & out.
  3. Slide the bracelet over the wrist bone toward your hand.
  4. Close the bracelet until it feels right by hugging it between your thumb and index fingers.

The gap between the ends of your bracelet should be around 1 (between 0.75 & 1.25). If the gap is larger choose a larger size, and smaller if the gap is smaller. A bracelet that is your size will allow you to roll in and out (steps 1 & 2) without further bending. Our jewelry is made to last for generations but, if you choose a bracelet size too large for you and if you remove it often, the repeat bending may fatigue the metals and shorten their life.

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